Sara- Weddings and Boudoir Photography

Sara attended Stetson University and graduated Cum Laude in 2009 with a double major in Fine Arts and French and a minor in Art History.  Her senior thesis demonstrated the diversity of life and the beauty of individuals.  Through her photography, Sara focuses on capturing beauty in the details that comprise both individuals and events.  Whether she is photographing your Wedding or Boudoir Session, Sara will do it with a magnificent artistic flare and bring out a stunning angle that you never saw coming. 


Boudoir -

Sara personally knows the struggle that women go through to regain confidence and learn to accept and love their new body after birthing a child – stretch marks and all! She truly feels it is her duty as a mother, photographer, and woman to make women feel their sexiest.  As a female boudoir photographer, Sara will focus on you as a woman, hiding your insecurities and complimenting your best features.


Weddings -

Sara’s incredible attention to detail and unique style are the perfect combination for modern brides.  Her images have a smooth airy look and she, somehow, always manages to capture the feel of the event.


Contact us today to schedule your Design Consultation with Sara.  No commitments required.  Just have a coffee and get to know each other.