I guess you could say that my journey into photography began when I was just a little girl: watching my dad develop his own work in the darkroom he built for himself in our basement in Missouri. He was an enthusiastic hobbyist and a lot of memories from I was young were watching him work either in his studio with lights and backdrops or outside trying to capture up-close images of bugs. His work hung in our home and I always admired that. 
It wasn't until many years later, working full-time in a totally non-related world (Registered Dietitian, here!) that I decided I wanted to learn. And in 2014, of course it was my dad who bought me my first digital camera. A year later, I decided to up my level of learning by attending a series of classes taught by Alicia. She became and invaluable resource, mentor and friend. Being able to work with her for the past 2 years has allowed me to develop my interest into my passion. 
I love photography because of the way it makes people feel. A photograph has the ability to elicit so many emotions and I feel privileged to be able to capture those emotions for other people. 
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