Documenting your Life: Why Today Matters
Thursday, November 09, 2017
By Alicia Fernandez - The Fine Art Photography Company
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You're a busy parent.  Life is hard and fast.  Sometimes a month goes by before you realize that you haven't taken a single photograph of your children or pets.  A WHOLE MONTH!  


Before you allow yourself to be filled with regret, pick up your cell phone or camera and start taking a few photographs as soon as you remember.  Here are some ideas about why today is special and how to make the most of the images you do capture.  


By the way, most of the images below are of my own family and span the course of about 4-5 years.

Mess?  What mess?  Who cares?

Literally NO ONE!  Seriously, nobody cares.  We all have a ton of crap all over the place.  The younger your children are, the more crap you have.  It's a FACT.  Don't avoid photographing your life because you want to hid your mess from the world.  It is part of your life today and, just like the humans that live among it, the mess deserves to be documented, too.  



Everything is ever-changing 

Things change from year to year.  Although my 10 year old son has an obsession with stuffed animals and they still live on his bed, my 12 year old daughter gave that up and now has her collection of stuffed animals in bags for "safekeeping" at the top of her closet.  


I'm pretty sure that Elijah won't be playing with blocks and legos when he's 15 and Abri will probably be waaaaay more into makeup by then.  Which makes the little things they are doing today extra special. So get down on the ground and get proof of what they love today, before this stage passes by and you end up wishing you had a photo of that thing your kid used to do. 


Remember, try to view the world from your child's perspective.  Kids spend a ton of time playing on the floor.  That's where life happens for for them.  Get down on the ground!  Sitting, kneeling, or evening laying will give you a completely different view of the world.  It's a view through their eyes and it makes all the difference.



Regret is Useless!

I look back and wish I might have gotten more amazing photographs of my children, family, pets, and just life in general while we were still in that moment.  The truth is, life was busy and things were complicated for us.  I got what I was able to get.  I worked full time and cared for the kids while James worked outside the home, and doing everything that goes with that.  I did the best I could.  Although it is too late now to go back and get those shots I missed, it's not too late to work on pulling out my camera a little more day-to-day.  And guess what: YOU CAN TOO!  


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